How your return is calculated

Let’s assume you buy a house worth $1 million. With Lotly you would need less than $80 thousand up front. Now assume you pay your mortgage each month and the home appreciates to $1.36M in 5 years (8% annual appreciation). At this point you’d have a total of just under $250 thousand in equity. The $250 thousand is made up part of your initial payment ($50 thousand), your piece of the appreciation ($90 thousand), and what you’ve paid down on the mortgage ($110 thousand).

We can help you buy a home

Receive up to $250,000 toward your down payment. We connect you with investors who will help with the cost of buying.
Say goodbye to renting, buy with Lotly.

Who is Lotly for?

You want to buy a home, but have a non-traditional income source.

Whether you are self-employed, freelancing, experiencing a major life change, or just moved to Canada, Lotly will help you get financing so you can finally buy your dream home.

You are renting & thinking, "I want to buy my own home."

Earlier entry to homeownership can help you build long term, generational wealth. Instead of paying rent, you could be paying off your own mortgage. With Lotly, you only need a 5% down payment!

You are ready to buy, but wish you could get a bigger place.

We know it's hard to find a place that meets your needs & budget. With Lotly's down payment assistance, you can shop for a larger place, all while keeping your mortgage debt low.

How Lotly can help you buy your home

Home buyer with Lotly investors

Lotly gathers investors who will cover up to 15% of your down payment. You’ll put down as little as 5% and other purchase costs (approx 3%).

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Home buyer with their dream home

You own and live in your dream home. You are responsible for paying the mortgage and monthly bills.

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Lotly investors being paid their shared equity

Refinance or sell the home to pay out investors. Investors are paid out a piece of the home’s appreciation. They only make money if the home has appreciated in value.

I would recommend Lotly to people like me in Canada who are looking to buy their first home. You know it’s tough getting in to the market.
My experience buying with Lotly was amazing. They understood my needs, why I wanted to become a homeowner, and how they can support me in the process. They even offered me to go house hunting when I couldn’t which I dont think most people would do. I would do it again. The only thing I would change would be have more money saved to buy a bigger house. A million dollar house!
Yash P, Lotly homebuyer
Why Lotly
He has been saving money for down payment, but needed more to get a place big enough for his growing family.
He chose Burlington, and we worked together to find a place he likes that also has high appreciation potential.
His ask
2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo with a budget of $500K~$700K. Enough space for his wife and a new born baby.
Started shopping: Nov 2022
Offer accepted: Jan 2023
Closed: Jan 2023
Downpayment split between home buyer & investors

Lowest down payment available

Own a home for just 5% down. Your monthly cost will also be lower, because Lotly investors help you get a much larger total down payment. At the end of your term, you’ll get your share of the appreciation plus what you’ve paid down on the mortgage.

Lowest cost option for you

Put just 5% of the purchase price down. Lotly investors contribute up to $250,000 toward your down payment.

How investors are paid out

Investors are paid out when you sell or refinance. They will be paid their original contribution plus or minus a part of the home's appreciation (i.e. the change in price). Investor payout depends on how much they contributed upfront.

How much of the home's appreciation do homeowners receive vs. investors?

Your contribution
Investor contribution
Investors pay remaining 14%
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You are entitled to
51% of the appreciation
+ initial contribution
+ principal paid down on the mortgage
Investor payout
49% of the appreciation
+ initial contribution
If the home loses value over time, investors will share in the downside. This means investors will lose a part of their initial contribution, up to the whole amount if prices fall drastically. With Lotly, homeowners & investors win together and lose together.

Earlier entry to homeownership has life changing benefits.

Lotly versus rent calculator


in household wealth vs. delaying a purchase for 5 years*


in household wealth vs. renting for 10 years*

*Calculation based on $900,000 property in GTA, 7% home price appreciation, 5.5% mortgage rate, 25yr amortization

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