How does leverage work with Lotly?

Lotly homes are financed using a mortgage - home buyers and investors cover the down payment, and a bank covers the rest of the purchase price. For every $1 that home buyers and investors put in, the bank puts in another $4.

This debt greatly benefits both home buyers and investors because they get what we call ‘leverage’. Leverage is the use of debt to amplify an investment. While investors have only put in $1 of their own money, their total asset value is the equivalent of $5. This means their investment grows on a base of $5 instead of $1. Leverage is a tool that investors use to earn much larger returns.

Lotly investors are not on the hook for the mortgage. If the home’s price goes down, investor downside is capped at their total initial contribution.

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Lotly connects you with home buyers and allows you to invest in their homes.
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How Lotly investing works


Lotly finds a reliable home buyer. We help them choose homes with good return potential.


You contribute to the down payment. For every $1 you invest, you get another $4 in leverage.*


The home buyer becomes an owner! They live in their home, cover the mortgage, and expenses.


When the home is sold or refinanced, investors are paid out. You’ll get a piece of home’s appreciation as your return.

*Your leverage is courtesy of the home owner's mortgage (see below); other fees may apply

Get the leverage of a mortgage without taking on a mortgage

Wondering what happens if prices go down? If prices go down, you would lose a part of your initial investment (up to the whole amount if prices fall drastically). You are not on the hook for any of the leverage, so your downside is capped at your initial investment.

What you can expect from a Lotly investment

If you invested


5 years ago

You would have



*Calculation based on the average annual appreciation of 15% in single-family homes in Kitchener Ontario between 2017-2022.

Benefits of investing with Lotly

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Get in for less

Invest with as little as $1000. Get the returns of real estate without the huge up front cost.

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No extra monthly expenses

Your money pays for the upfront costs. Everything else (including maintenance) is paid for by the home owner.


Your investment is amplified thanks to the home owner’s mortgage. We provide investors with 5X leverage.

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Homes with upside

We use data science to pick properties with the best appreciation potential.

Aligned Interests icon

Aligned interests

The home owner is on your team! They are incentivized to take good care of the property.

Feel good investing icon

Feel good investing

With Lotly, you are helping someone become a home owner. Gone is the divide between landlords & tenants.

Meet your Lotly investing partners

Area, historical price appreciation, timing - there is a lot to consider when investing in real estate. That’s where we come in. Our team of real estate and legal experts will find what’s right for your risk appetite and targeted returns.

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